Technology is such an invention that it is under a form of changing constantly. There are a number of people who lead their lives involved in the shaping, developing and the protecting of technology.

This is essential so that technology is harnessed for the betterment of all. The gap in technology, in terms of skill can be achieved through education.

As technology keep increasing day by day, the demand for people who can control and harness technology has become a scarcity. Educational institutions have taken it upon themselves to teach students coding so that they can meet the scarcity of programmers that most companies and institutions are facing now.

Causes and Effects Of Tech Talent Gap

Tech talent gap is caused where there is an excess in demand for some specialized skill relating to technology and the development of technology, but there are not many people who are qualified for the job.

Programmers and those who can code in certain computer languages are in high demand because they know the rules in which to interact with the computer, and can make new softwares and application, but there is a deficiency in programmers. To fix this tech talent gap, more schools have initiated the study of computer languages from a very early age.

As schools initiate the study of several of the computer languages, it not only fills in the technology gap that is prevailing over society, but it also encourages students to be creative and form programs, applications and softwares of their own. Programming enables a person to think logically under all situations. Students of the present generation have surpassed the previous generations due to the great amount of imagination that they have.

Another way of curving the tech talent gap faced is to reduce the number of jobs that are based on programming, and increasing more number of jobs that are related to the more common streams. In today’s time, programming jobs are in abundance but the scarcity of the job makes it a high paying job.

Steps for Closing The Tech Talent Gap

As mentioned above, there are a number of ways that are being implemented on a worldwide scale in order to minimize the gap that is faced by technology. Some of the ways for doing this are:

• Expanding access to education.
• Bringing code to high school.
• Aligning education with reality.
• Optimizing education for happiness.