Social media is a widely used forum in today’s world and it is used by nearly everyone who has an access to the internet. Social media does not have restricted application to being a social person, but it is also finding its use in the education system as well.

Ways In Which Teachers Can Use Social Media In The Classroom

• Tweeting through social media site Twitter is a type of craze among people. Teachers can tweet the progress of their students or any other relevant announcement can be made through tweets.
• Teachers can also write blog posts about the progress of students which can be checked by parents and students as well.
• Student’s can be encourages to write for blogs as well which helps to increase their creativity.
• Connecting to various classrooms through social media is also made possible through technology.
• Using social media sites to get feedback on certain projects by students.
• Using social media to asking questions that are related to learning and education by both the students as well as the teachers.
• Creating projects with other teachers through social media.
• Discussing the problems that students are facing.

It is a misconception of many educational institutions to only connect social media to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, where there are also other closed sites for social media. Closed websites are for the individual usage of a particular institution only and it cannot be found globally. These websites can be accessed only by members belonging to an institution.

LAN Connection

In some institutions, LAN connections have been introduced. These connections are only for the institutions itself, making a user-friendly website for the use of not only the teachers, but also for the students. LAN network encourages the sharing of information on the part of the teachers and the students. Closed social media allows students to submit assignments on the portal, parents to check the progress of their children and teachers to check assignments and share important content with students.

LAN is a familiar concept when it comes to gaming and has been Incorporated from the same. LAN network in institutions has become helpful and has also removed the insecurity of students using social media in a wrong way and getting distracted from their education. There is a restriction on the data that can be accessed from this closed website. Institutions do not need internet connection also in order to access documents on the LAN network.