“A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way,” as said by John C. Maxwell. Great leadership qualities are found in few.

A person completely devoted to the betterment of her or his team, a person who cares selflessly about his teammates and puts them first, a person who understands and is compassionate and at the same time; is efficient, hardworking, humble, intellectual and knows best about the job. A person who instills a sense of clear confidence and inspires his teammates, a person who is fun and easy to work under and with; all these values are mandatory in a good, strong leader.

It is important to keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily mean that the best one in the team always gets to be the leader, or the leader is necessarily the best one in the group. Someone once said, “If you can’t follow, you can never lead.” These words provide so much of truth. As mentioned before, a great leader who is strong and efficient is hard to find.
Here are a few of the qualities we strive to find in a good leader.

Great Leadership Qualities We Look For

Efficiency – What’s a leader if he or she is not efficient, well–organized, competent, professional and resourceful? He or she must have the proper training, knowledge and expertise to train and work with their teammates as well. A strong leader needs to be good at his trade.

Compassion – It is definitely important to be strict and firm, but do not forget that your teammates and employees are human beings too. They have lives and families – showing a little compassion, kindness and understanding never hurts; in fact, your teammates and employees will produce more effort once they see you reaching out. Happiness and cooperation in the work environment is very critical.

Humility and diligence – Humility is the pillar of the personality of a human being. And when you are a leader, it is essential that you are humble and modest. Also, put in hard work yourself; your teammates learn to follow you and hence, produce good quantity and quality of work as well.

Integrity and Moral Ethics in a Leader

Strong moral principles are a must in a person who aims to lead a whole group of other individuals. Honesty and ethics are very strong leadership qualities you must aim to have and practice to produce good work and keep your teammates, yourself, and the clients contented.