Teachers commonly use technology to impart education nowadays as it is believed to assist in the rapid dissemination of knowledge, in addition to being a useful learning and teaching too. Yet integrating technology into a classroom setup is no joke and is more often known to fail than to succeed.

Too Expensive for the Long Term

One of the main reasons why technology can at times fail to be effective in classroom teaching is the fact that it cannot be deployed as much as is required. The main reason for this is there are huge finances involved.

In order to get students to work on projects that require extensive use of the laptop, iPad or other tablets, it is necessary to make such technological tools readily available at hand. Doing so can run into hundreds and thousands of dollars, and more often than not, teachers have to do without devices that would otherwise have helped the learning process to be a huge success.

Lot of Planning Required

Planning is also very crucial when it comes to using technology for teaching. Teachers need to plan well in advance what they want to achieve when they use technology in order to carry out lessons in a class.

If planning is inadequate, often the lessons have to be stopped abruptly. Students need to follow specific methods to carry out projects or to learn subjects that involve the use of technology and without any planning done, this can turn out to be quite confusing for them.

Major Maintenance Issues

There are huge maintenance issues that can crop up when making use of technological tools in the learning process. Faculty members of schools need to have a large tech team ready at hand to help them resolve technical issues that may arise in the course of using mobile devices and computers while teaching in class.

While the use of technological gadgets in the classroom is expensive in itself, the costs that run into keeping a tech team handy are far more. As a result, if devices fail to work, lessons have to be dismissed and new ones started, with an overall sense of confusion and disarray prevailing.