Integrated studies mean to blend into a whole. All the learning that a person undergoes is a part of integrated studies since all learning gives a person new experience, information or a sense of perspective into the student’s understanding of the way that the world works.

Integrated studies helps individuals by relating all aspects of life through education. It helps in building bridges between one’s academic learning and the greater world. This forms a link between the education that a person has received and all other organizations in society.

Why Should Schools Embrace Integrated Studies?

Integrated studies are sometimes known as interdisciplinary studies which bring together diverse disciplines in a comprehensive manner. This helps students in understanding the complex associations and influences within a topic. Some of the topics that fall under integrated studies are:-

  • Application of general concepts with an increased understanding and retention.
  • Student’s get an increased ability to make decisions, to think creatively and critically, and perceive knowledge beyond the simple principles.
  • Development of multiple points of view and better values ultimately forming an overall comprehension of global inter-dependencies.
  • The ability to identify, assess a situation and transfer significant information that is needed for solving problems that are faced by a person.
  • Promoting cooperative learning that makes a person have a better attitude towards themselves as a learner and as a meaningful member of a community.
  • Integrated study increases the motivational level of a person.

What is Integrated Module?

An integrated module is a curriculum that is made for students and takes care of their needs. The module places a high priority on the advanced content knowledge, relies on greater thinking on the part of the student, and encourages learning that spans through all parts of one’s discipline. The pillars of the integrated module are overreaching concepts, advanced content, and process-product.

Need For An Integrated Teaching Approach?

An integrated studies system has a lot of benefits. The most important feature of this type of education is that it is completely focused on the student itself. Instead of taking a general approach and following the traditional way if studying, this system is takes care of the problems that a student faces.

Integrated teaching is community based, it helps a student learn how education is related to the betterment of the community and one’s future. Lastly, integrated studying is a systematic approach that gives an individual the core skills to deal with situations and implement his/her education in the right way.