A student who has to wear a uniform every day to school will, for obvious reasons, feel it is bad. Uniforms can be cumbersome to maintain and may sometimes steal the student of their individual identity.

Many have debated why school uniforms are bad or why they are good. But it all comes to perspective and how people want to raise their kids.

Raising kids is difficult and parents have to make difficult choices to ensure that their kids will turn out as good human beings. Statistics has shown that 23% of the US schools have uniforms, highest number of those schools being in New Orleans.

What Parents And Teachers Think About Uniforms?

A recent survey shows the school uniform facts

  • 34% of parents feel uniform policy has hindered the creativity and self-expression of the students
  • At the same time, 41% feel that the uniforms provide a sense of security
  • 37% feel uniforms promote good overall student behavior, say school uniforms statistics
  • Disadvantages of school uniforms are highlighted mostly by parents while teachers feel that it brings out a sense of community and a sense of pride.

Why School Uniforms Are Good And Every School Should Have Them

Uniform is an equalizer, that’s why military, police, and other organizations which require some discipline have them. They create an impression that everyone is equal and make students view each other equally and not based on socio-economic conditions.

Many school uniform articles have stated that uniforms in school help make a better citizen and human out of a student. Also, a sense of community and unity among students develops because of uniforms.

Discrimination in schools is a big problem with many students missing schools every day just to avoid being treated badly and bullied. A strict uniform policy will help make it easier for students to learn and grow equally.

The Cons Of Wearing Uniforms

Growing up every child aspires to be something and that freedom of expression and a sense of discrete identity is somewhat lost when he/she sees hundreds of other students wearing the same clothes. A uniform is often seen as something promotes conformity and snatch the individuality from students.

Students hate uniforms and that is not a news. Envy is often inspired among those who have to wear a uniform to school. And maybe this is a good reason why schools should not have uniforms.

However, most schools which have a uniform policy are in poor neighborhoods and therefore they more or less increase the risk of a socioeconomic divide among students.