It is believed that children never learn unless they want to learn, compulsory learning never stays with children. Now, a new system that provides high-quality education is in effect in many schools. All these changes came to be after the Education Reform Act of 1988.

Goals of Education Reform

Education reform has been adopted by many schools around the world. Everyone deserves a full and fair access to quality education. The Education reform system aims to:

  • Re-orient the education policy so that it is not limited to a particular time and place.
  • To ensure mutually reinforcing policies that are consistent at elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels.
  • To promote new ways in which education is delivered to students. This ensures a better delivery on the part of the teacher and usage of several tools to make content interesting.

There are specific areas that are targeted by Education Reform system to ensure that everyone gets their share of quality education right from childhood. These points are:

  1. Human Capital – Education is received through a teacher, the Reform movement challenges teachers in promoting innovation in a modernized way for the children. Teacher preparation courses are present for improving the quality of education for everyone.

  2. Consumer Choice – Reconfiguration of the traditions schooling system for children and examining the works in public schools are a part of this system as well. Introducing new ideas to improve teaching in all schools.

  3. Resource Equity – New policy levers so that high-quality education can be available at a cheaper price, this is so that everyone can afford to pay for their education.

  4. Student Motivation – The working of this education system all rests on the motivation that the student himself has. A set of plains are prepared to inspire students to get better results.

  5. Fast-track Advancement – In the modern world, progression by grade has to be predicted by the age of a person. The student’s education is tailored in a way that satisfies their interests and ensures a better future.

  6. Higher Ed Affordability and Accountability – Financial aid programs for students for meeting college access, affordability and success challenges. Providing best college options for those students who have less money and need better education.