Coding is a step-by-step command that a person has to write down in order to tell a computer what to do. Computers were designed by humans and the way they function are defined through numerous codes.

Why is Coding Important?

Coding is the empowerment of the digital world as it is the backbone of all things that are related to technology such as websites, smart phone apps, calculators, computer programming and even machines like microwaves. Coding is the architect for the modern digital age.

As children learn the rules for coding, they can use their skill in order to build their own unique applications, or use their creativity to build anything by breaking up codes or writing them from scratch. A new generation learning coding indicates towards the increase in the horizons of digital life as we know it.

Reasons to Teach A Child Coding

There are a number of reasons for which a child should be taught coding in specific software’s and learning computer languages from a very early age. The reason includes not only increasing the creativity and the way of expressing oneself through computer also, but also in order to supply the demand for more programmers in society today.

• All companies demand programmers but there are not many people who are qualified for the job. To make sure that there is no scarcity in demand, programmers are started off from a very young age. Leaning coding helps a child express himself/herself in very creative ways through designing programs, games and by getting a computer to solve very complicated problems.

• Programming language for different softwares are quite easy because of the simple pattern that all the languages follow. The pattern includes a condition for the problem, a loop that helps in finding the answer to that condition and a function that checks for the answer in the loop and gives the result to the condition that is input by the programmer.

• Since technology is becoming a necessity in the daily lifestyle of a person, learning coding at school level encourages a student to get familiar with technology and the way in which it works from a very young age. Coding encourages a person from interacting with technology to creating new technologies as well.

• Learning a programming language helps broaden the mind of a person, making them think better. This creates logical thinking in the minds of students that is needed not only in technology, but it is also necessary in the daily life of a person.