With the growth in technology and the incorporation of technology in almost all aspects of human life, technology got introduced in the education system as well. Education system technology was not only limited to the computers that were used by the teachers only, but computers were also introduced in classrooms for the use of students as well.

Types of Technologies That Are Used In Classrooms

There are a number of technologies that are introduced in a classroom situation for the benefit of the students. One of the first technologies to be introduced here is the computer. With the evolution of computers from desktops to portable laptops, the very function of a computer has changed.

Computers has made study and life easier for both students and teachers. Some uses include teachers giving assignments to students through computers, students attaining relevant data from the internet through a computer and for writing notes as well.

For the benefit of the teachers, digital microphones were introduced in the classrooms. This is beneficial in large classrooms where there are a number of students and the voice of the teacher doesn’t reach everyone amidst the noise that students create.

Mobile phones are the newest education technology because of their portability. M-learning is encouraged through mobile phones as it is accessible from anywhere and everywhere.

Modern technology has introduced interactive whiteboards that have touch operation. This enables a teacher to elaborate or highlight a point for the students using a touch pen or their fingers as well. Visual images can be displayed through the whiteboard that makes learning easier for the students.

Online websites like youtube.com have been used by both teachers and students for reference during their studies. It encourages interactive learning and a more comprehensive learning for the students. With the help of these sites, teachers have managed to teach students in a better way through visual learning.

Advantages of Technology In Education

As technology was introduced in educational institutions, there was a boost in the capacity, productivity and performance of a student. This proved that with the help of technology, students were performing better thus inspiring institutions to change their methods of teaching with the help of technology. Some of the advantages of technology in education are:-

  • Teaching has become an easier process through technology.
  • Students’ progresses can be tracked through technology.
  • It is good to the environment.
  • Student’s enjoy learning through technological methods.
  • Learning from anywhere is possible through technology.
  • Information can be accessed anytime at one’s convenience.
  • Collaboration is made more effective through technology.