Digital Citizenship is nothing but the act of behaving in a responsible manner when taking part in virtual activity. It refers to the lawful use of social media and digital platforms to avoid harm and promote general well-being and has to be taught in the classroom for students all over the world to understand its importance and value.

Teaches the Value of Using Digital Resources with Care

Teaching digital citizenship is of vital important as it teaches students how to use online resources in an ethical manner. The use of digital resources for writing essays is very common in most academic institutions around the world and when students are trained in digital citizenship they are able to understand the important of acknowledging the digital source that they use to do their work instead of plagiarizing from these sources.

Students who are familiar with digital citizenship will learn not to exploit digital resources and will instead opt to credit them in the manner these are supposed to be credited.

Instills the Need to Engage in Proper Use of Social Media

Digital citizenship is something that must be taught in the classroom so that students are able to avoid improper use of social media. Dating online is something that is very common now and students need to know what they can or cannot say on a virtual platform in order not to come across as vulgar and obscene to the people they speak to.

Avoiding the misuse of virtual information including digital pictures is also what students are taught when they attend a class on digital citizenship.

Teaches Students the Value of Real-Time Communication

When students are taught what digital citizenship is all about, they learn to understand the value of real communication and interaction too. While the online world is great fun to be submerged in, digital citizenship training teaches students that they need to spend a good portion of their daily existence engaging in actual communication with people around them instead of being clued to their computers and tablets like zombies.

Prevents Tendency for Criminal Activities like Hacking

When a student realizes what it takes to be a good digital citizen he is able to avoid criminal activities like hacking which can otherwise seem very tempting and eWhy is Teaching Digital Citizenship Important? ven lucrative. Hacking is a serious offence and many young men and women can be persuaded not to be party to this if they are sufficiently trained in digital citizenship.

Thus, digital citizenship as a subject should certainly be included in the classroom because of the important discipline that it brings to student life.