The use of technology in education is now very common with more and more people taking recourse to the internet in order to attend class, to conduct class or to prepare lessons for class. A number of technological tools have emerged of late that make virtual learning a desirable and hassle free experience for every student and teacher, and which are worth keeping in mind.

Mobile Learning Used in Teaching Music

Mobile learning is very common among students around the world. Students enrolled in musical institutes often use tablets and PC’s in order to create music, as well known device in this regard being the iPad Orchestra.

Helps in the Study of Math

Subjects like mathematics are also being taught via tablets. Students often load these with e-textbooks and math apps for accessing information recording measurements, conducting research and for receiving instructions.

Used to Carry out Classroom Activities like Storytelling

Storytelling is a classroom activity that can now be imparted using IOS mobile devices. Teachers and students can collaborate to author digital stories based on Epic Citadel environment after which this is turned into an app that may be accessed in the IOS devices.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a well-known digital technology that is used in the field of education for language teaching, such as the Electronic Learning Organizer, based on cloud, in Brazil. Language teachers in a particular network in Brazil can now share and produce digital learning, activities, and objects for students with the learning objects that are created by teachers being received from resource repositories conceived by other teachers in that network

Tablet Computing Used in the Teaching of Art

Tablet computing is an educational technology that is used a lot in teaching art. An illustration app known as Brushes can be used in iPads to help students to create drawings that can later also be played as videos.

Deployed often in Geology and Earth Sciences

Students also use tablet computing the field of geology. Tablets are often used to gather as well as share data on rocks and geographical terrain, while images from microscopes can also be shared by students and teachers via mobile apps in the iPhone or in the iPad.

Thus, the various emerging technologies in education have indeed made learning way more desirable than it used to be in the past and continues to evolve making the teaching learning process easier for students and faculty members worldwide.