Technology has always pushed educational ventures to new heights and has made the learning process a lot easier now than what it used to be before. The evolution of technology in education is something that is worth keeping in mind, to understand how it has come to occupy such a crucial role in educational and consequently human development.

Introduction of Radio Learning and Overhead Projector Use in 1920’s and 1930’s
In the decade of the 1920’s it was the use of the radio in the learning process that made education fun and trendy. This was followed by the use of overhead projectors in the 1930’s and video tape recorders ion the 1950’s.

Scantron Testing, Hand calculators and Photocopiers of the 1970’s

The photocopier and the Scantron testing methods enabled teachers in the 1970’s to grade assignments with a greater degree of efficiency than before. The use of the handheld calculator by teachers and scientists enabled quick mathematical calculations creating rapid strides in the field of scientific learning.

Computers in the 1980’s

Once the computers arrived in the 1980’s education as it was known changed altogether. Toshiba released computers into the market in 1985 with its very first computer and the infamous Mac by the Apple Company started becoming available to consumers gradually since the year 1984.

World Wide Web and the Internet in the 1990’s

The World Wide Web made its entry in the 1990’s along with the use of Text Markup Language also known as HTML. Then the National Science Foundation removed its restrictions concerning using the internet for commercial matters and the way that people communicated with one another thereafter underwent a rapid change, the entire world being connected together in an instant.

It was in the year 1993 that Apple introduced the use of Personal Digital Assistants. As a result, the use of computers became an everyday affair and it became difficult to imagine professional work without the use of the computer.

Smart Phones and Laptop Computers in the New Millennium

By 2009, a majority of the classrooms had access to the internet and college students these days are never known to carry out their studies without the use of the laptop. In addition to laptop computers, the smartphones are being increasingly used by students in a similar capacity as the laptop, only these are far smaller in size.

Thus, the evolution of technology in the field of education is really quite incredible and one can safely assume that the use of technology in education is set to continue.