Making use of technology in order to teach is now widely common with more and more teachers and students using mobile apps and other technical instruments in lessons. To successfully integrate tech into the classroom and make it useful for learning, some important points need to be borne in mind.

Blended Learning and Online Teaching

Teaching students how to study online is one of the most important ways in which technology can be integrated into the classroom. Lessons should be divided into both face to face teaching sessions and online lessons, the latter being attended by students from the comfort of the home or in a non-academic environment.

Blended learning, which is a combination of online and face to face learning, is known to be quite successful in terms of results. Such learning makes it possible for students in remote parts of a country, as well as students who are unable to attend school full time to catch up on classes and get the education that they need to embark upon a professional life.

Use of Technology in Student Projects

Teaching students how to carry out projects that involve the use of technology is another way by which technology may be integrated into classroom teaching. Students should be given projects that require extensive use of online resources, videos and which cannot be done unless students use a laptop or tablet.

By getting to do such projects students get to know how to successfully use a laptop or tab, in addition to learning about the topic that the project is based on.

Introduction of Game Based Learning

Game based learning is a great example of how technology is used in classrooms. Teachers who introduce video games in the course of teaching their subjects, particularly those like math and life science can get to keep their students engaged for long hours at a stretch while successfully getting them to grasp the concepts these subjects are based on.

Use of Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards make for great instructional tools and ought to be used in the classroom a good deal. Students and teachers get to put down their ideas as and when these come to them thus learning lessons a whole lot better than they could have.
Thus, there are quite a few ways in which technology and its use can be successfully integrated into the classroom setup making learning fun and easy for students.