Technology forms a vital part of the teaching-learning process in today’s day and age. By improving technology that you use in your teaching methods, you can make your classroom lessons far more interesting than they would have otherwise been, drawing more and more students to attend the courses that you teach.

Make Extensive Use of Digital Resources

One of the best ways to improve technology in education is to make good use of digital resources. You can use digital resources in various ways in order to support learning and teaching.
Opt for the use of learning games, Digital portfolios, electronic grade books as well as real-time feedback to judge student performance. By doing so, you will be able to utilize technology to a considerable extent in order to power the learning process.

Use Open Educational Resources

Engage in the use of open educational resources in the classroom. These are learning, research and teaching resources contained in the public domain that can be accessed freely by anyone online.
Open educational resources constitute an important aspect of learning and range from digital libraries and textbooks to games and podcasts. You need to ensure that the open education resources that you make use of meet standards of accuracy, integrity, and quality and that these can also be used by students who have disabilities as well.

Blended or Online Learning Techniques

Blended learning opportunities are what you can also include in your teaching as this incorporates both online and face to face learning. When you choose blended learning and teaching techniques you get to accommodate the diverse learning styles among students and make it possible for them to work after school and before school in a manner that would not have been possible with conventional classroom teaching.

By choosing online learning can make can make education far more productive than conventional learning as it accelerates learning rates and also takes advantage of any learning time outside school hours, thus reducing expenses incurred for using educational materials. You can utilize your teaching time far better too when you opt for online teaching especially if you teach in rural areas where online or blended learning can help you to overcome the distance between you and your students.

Thus, by taking the above-mentioned points into consideration, improving the use of technology in your teaching techniques is something you will certainly be able to do.