The schooling and college system all over the world is constantly under scrutiny, and rightly so. The future of the world depends on quality education. There are quite a few reputed organizations that assess and rank the education systems that exist all over the world. 

In the United States, education is quite liberal and according to confirmed facts, money spent per student here is higher than any other country. Also, a statement released by a respected institution reveals that apart from Oxford and Cambridge, all other universities in the top 10 list are American. However, the United States education ranking in the world in 2014, as rated by Economic Intelligence unit, was #14.

The Math Rankings

The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) is well-known for publishing worldwide education rankings of countries every year. This study in 2015 showed that students of more than 25 countries scored better than those of the US. Based on the evaluation of The Trends in International Maths and Science Study (TIMSS), USA did not crack the top 10 in mathematics.

Therefore, the US math ranking in the world dropped has below average.

Some Points Of The Singaporean System

All the ranking organizations in the world have continuously placed Singapore at the top positions. The country’s education system has achieved much when you look at the math and science rankings by country 2015. Maybe the rest of the world can be benefitted by takings a few pointers from it

  • Conceptual learning is heavily promoted and encouraged
  • Primary education is given a lot of emphases
  • Students are assessed after the first few years of school and placed in different programs accordingly
  • A healthy level of discipline is maintained by the students and the teachers
  • Extra classes or external tutoring is also prevailingly present throughout the country

Why Are Rankings Important?

It is universally agreed that education is subjective and therefore there is no way to enforce a uniform system all over the world. However, some systems fare better when it comes to the assessment of knowledge and understanding of students. There is a need for more awareness about the US education compared to other countries, especially Singapore, Japan, and Finland.

The United States performs lower than some Asian and European countries in reading and science as well. Considered the most developed and economically powerful country in the world, currently, the US ranking in literacy is seventh.