If you think of education as the concept of imparting knowledge and learning, so that one can make use of it in his / her practical life, then the term ‘education’ still means the same as it used to do hundreds of years ago.

You get an education to know good from bad, to understand the options that life offers you, and to take decisions as to which way is best for you to take. Other than the basic concepts of learning, everything about education has changed. Yes, the methods of educating have changed, but the techniques are new and still in the path of evolution.

Understanding the Changes

It is surprising to notice that the curriculum you studied in your institution, at every level, is more or less the same. But what has changed, and changed completely, is the way you were taught those lessons and your kids are taught the same things.

First, let us take the instance of a school. School in the old days was an epitome of strict disciplinarism, where teachers were supposed to teach common curriculum to every student. The differences in learning capabilities was often not recognized. The students were imparted not only education, but also basic life skills to face the world. Education was much like a religious act and the school was the place of worship.

Now, think about the school of today. The first thing that the educators and psychiatrists hammer into the minds is that every child is special, born with special abilities, and provided with individuality. So, the run of the mill approach is done away with. The children are now given options. It is on them to select the curriculum that they feel passionate about. Accordingly, they are handed over to instructors who are experts in those fields and can help the students excel in their chosen fields.

How Has Technology Helped in the Development of Education Over Time?

The technological breakthrough made possible by the internet has immensely influenced the field of education – and almost all other facets of life. Computers have changed the concepts of imparting knowledge, learning methodologies, and the aims and objectives of education completely. Information and keeping oneself updated is now one of the primary targets of educating oneself.