Student feedback is extremely helpful for becoming a better teacher. The students providing the feedback will be the ones working with you daily and have a perspective unique to their difficulties. Student feedback also is priceless in the way it can assist teachers with providing better education. Knowing what to do with all that data is extremely exciting so here are some ways to get it in the first place.

End of Year Surveys

An excellent way to gather data and feedback is by providing all your classes with a year-end survey, The survey allows students to anonymously offer the feedback you’re looking for based on prompted questions. End of Year surveys are easy to put together and provide you with information to improve as a teacher and/or update lesson plans.

Anonymous Submission Box

Another super easy way to get feedback is by creating an anonymous submission box. On a rolling basis, students can drop suggestion cards and feedback into the box. An ongoing system like this allows you to make changes as the year goes by instead of waiting for the end of the year.

Engaging in Conversation

Introducing a feedback conversation and keeping those lines open, allows students to voice their concerns. They will also feel much less apprehensive about contributing to the conversation if they know all feedback is encouraged and taken seriously. This type of feedback system doesn’t work for every teacher. It requires a class with a great deal of mutual respect because there’s a difference in feedback and harsh criticism.