Back to school isn’t just for kids! Parent’s need to prepare for an empty house and demanding school work. The list below highlights a few things you can do to prepare for the new school year.

Study Oasis

Before the school year starts, create a study oasis with your child. Together you can develop an area that is purely theirs for studying and homework. Decorate it, pick a location free from distractions, and then watch them get to work. Providing your child with a designated spot all of their own can do wonders for productivity. Who doesn’t like having their own space set up in a way that works best for them?

Information Superhighway

At the beginning of the school year get plugged in. Have the school’s website bookmarked for easy access to school closing and other information. Additionally, get set up on all alert systems. Most schools provide a phone, text, and email service for important notifications. After your student has their first week of classes, collect the teacher’s email from welcome paperwork. Having your child’s teacher’s contact information is important to have before you actually need it.

Open Communication

Have clear lines of communication established with your child. Ask how school was and be on the lookout for issues/worries. Knowing what kind of communicator your child is will also make all the difference. It is important to ask how school was, as stated above, but be sure to do it at the best time for your student. Extroverted children may have no problem talking about school right after being picked up. Introverts may need some time to decompress and have some time to themselves before talking about their day.

Routine Setting

Have a routine set before the school year even starts. It can be jarring for anyone to go from going to bed/waking up whenever they feel like to then being on a strict schedule. Get your children ready a few weeks before school. This process will be gradual. Enforcing a loose bedtime and firming it up closer to school will help your child ease into the new routine.

Your Student’s Biggest Fan

Finally, the best thing you can do to get back in the swing of school is to be your child’s biggest fan! When they do well, make sure they know you’re proud. Providing that kind of support will only encourage your young learner to work harder.