Coding is very favored in today’s education system as well as children themselves. Coding is a fun, interactive way to develop new technological skills while practicing problem-solving and analytical skills. Coding is also a wonderful way to kick-start your child’s resume and enhance creative skills. This will allow them to become more interactive with rapid growing technology, while learning skills they can put on their resumes. Although only some schools offer coding programs, others are left with the wonder of how they can implement a programming club at their children’s schools. Here are some steps to take to start a programming club at your child’s school.


Although you may not know coding yourself, it is important to find someone who knows a little bit about coding in order to teach your kids. If you’re up for the challenge, you may be able to come up with a learning plan, while learn how to code yourself. MIT Scratch is a program that allows parents to learn coding as well as kids through interactive games and videos. It is important to have someone to guide you and your children through the programming lessons in case there are questions that you aren’t able to answer.


The next step would be to decide on a time and place to host your coding club. It could be a beneficial idea to get involved with your child’s school so that they can offer faculty help as well as a place to meet. It would also be beneficial because all attendees will need computers. This will allow students to stay after school and be more convenient for other parents. After speaking with administration, it may be decided that a small program fee may need to be initiated (such as a tech fee). If you’re school has a tight budget, programs such as Hack Club may be able to help with resources and scholarships to start your coding club.

Get Coding

After a place is chosen and approved by administration (if needed), parents and their children should help spread the word to classmates. Many people are interested in learning code and program, so don’t be surprised if more than you expected sign up. Make sure a plan is implemented and established so that communication is effectively established amongst attendees. After everything is set in place, you’re ready to code! MIT Scratch offers different programs that kids can learn on their own time and pace.

It’s important to remember that most coding programs take time and patience. Most of these programs require practice over a longer period of time to understand the concepts. Just remember to have fun and enjoy this time. Coding is a great way to spark creativity, but also allow for children to gain problem-solving skills.